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Posted in My internet nmn ako pero si adopisoft ay "Connected, No internet" ano po ang solution dito , ayaw din pumasok sa

check ethernet cable;

as debugging try mo connect ng ethernet cable directly sa pc. para confirmation lang naka connect siya ng internet.. if its still an issue - issue reboot or just restart pi.

Posted in How to set up or add an external AP in v4.0.10

from usb -> lan –> a switch or a router nga naka ap mode –> then ito yung mag dedistribute ng mga ip nakukuha sa usb->lan.


ISP router –> pi (ethernet) –> usb-to-lan –> swtich router (apmode) –> mga external AP mo. you can have a much as many APs you can get as long as di naman mag ka conflict ang channel.

pwedi din gamitin ang app sa phne na"NetSpot" para makita kung anong channel ang di busy and atong broadcast range 20-or 40 mhz ba.

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true! i agree!

Posted in SAME LANG BA DIAGRAM NG Rpi 3 b+ at Rpi 4 MGA BOSS?


Posted in Inconsistent Bandwidth Control, Capped on 3mbps

solve the issue - not sure if it will apply to you guys but i have to redo the port priority - if you messed up with the traffic shaper / bandwith limiter it seems to have caused this issue - now an im running full blast :D happy clients – 50mpbs up and down :D